Cold formed profiles



Cold formed profiles C, Z, S are internationally recognized modern building elements for forming light and simple structures at relatively low cost. Wall and roof claddings, beams and small industrial buildings constructions are synonymous with simple, clean and fast implementation of a structural setup. Light-weight, of high stiffness and strength, advanced prefabrication of elements, and at the same time the possibility of using steel with high yield point leads to the conclusion that C, Z, S cold formed sections fully deserve the name of a modern and economic material. Budmat company introduced cold formed sections to its offer as a modern and universal building product. The technological line manufacturing cold formed profiles is one of the most modern in the world. Its present form is the fruit of years of studies on the market needs. Shapes and dimensions of the offered profiles were designed as a result of thorough static and strength analysis, whose priority was high load capacity while maintaining the least possible usage of feed material.

Typically, the profiles are used in:

  • panel wall constructions 
  • dividing wall construction, 
  • joist constuction 
  • eaves beam constructions, 
  • wall spandrel beams or roof purlins constructions.

The profiles can have readymade holes which greatly simplify assembly.

Technologically advanced manufacturing line can produce profiles in nine basic shapes, while its versatility makes it possible, within certain limits, to easily change individual dimensions. By default, profiles are manufactured in length from 1 m to 15 m. 

Zinc galvanized steel strip grade S350GD and S390Gd is used as the basic feed material in material thickness ranging from1.25 do 3.00 mm.

Profile Z

Profile C

Profile S


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Projekt – PROGRAM „Promocja konkurencyjnych produktów BUDMAT poprzez misje i targi branżowe” Działanie POIG 6.5.2.
Zaproszenie do składania ofert na wykonanie zabudowy stoiska BUDMAT podczas Targów BUDMA 2014.
Zaproszenie do składania ofert na transport – dot. BUDMA 2014.
Zaproszenie do składania ofert na przygotowanie materiałów reklamowych BUDMAT 2014/2015.
Zaproszenie do składania ofert na wykonanie zabudowy stoiska podczas BUDMA 2015.
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